Woman arrested in 7-Eleven store in the Mid-Wilshire area

LOS ANGELES – According to the Los Angeles Police Department, an armed lady barricaded herself inside a 7-Eleven in the Mid-Wilshire neighbourhood, ransacked it, and then lit it ablaze.

Around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, the LAPD received a complaint about a half-naked, mentally ill woman who was allegedly disturbing business at the 7-Eleven near Olympic Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.

When she lit the business on fire, according to the authorities, most of the staff managed to get away by avoiding her in the ensuing commotion. One employee tried to flee, but was unsuccessful, so he locked himself in the back office for protection.

By the time police officers arrived on the site, the woman had barricaded herself inside the shop and ruined the goods. Officers eventually intervened and freed both the employee and the criminal. During the rescue, the defendant allegedly attempted to strike a cop in the head with a beer bottle; however, the officer was protected by his helmet and was unharmed.

Authorities named the suspect as 47-year-old Caren Satterfield, and she was admitted to the hospital on the basis that she may have overdosed. She was taken to a hospital for medical attention before being arrested on several counts, including assaulting a peace officer and setting a fire.

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