Yankees rumours: Can the Bombers pull off a blockbuster with Shohei Ohtani?

You’re upset about the Yankees’ pursuit of Juan Soto and concerned about parting with too much of your top-tier talent, then.

For a player who can only accomplish so much in four at-bats per night, that is a significant price to pay.

What about paying the same amount for a player who gets four at-bats each night before switching to pitching six scoreless innings the following day?

And you do. the player who has a rule named after him allowing him to continue playing as a DH despite whiffing the side and leaving the game. It was Shohei Ohtani.

Recent sources claim that he is “available,” but the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will take notice. And why would they when Ohtani’s free agency is just a season away and they are locked in neutral?

How plausible is a trade for Ohtani right now? Two executives, according to Jon Heyman, have rated the likelihood as “nearly zero” and “extremely small.” You’re saying that there’s a potential it might be brought up again at the Winter Meetings, then?

The asking price is further stated in Heyman’s article as “your four top prospects,” which initially seems high until you consider that Soto’s market has been more expensive up to this point, including established big-leaguers as well.

When you consider that we’re talking about Shohei Ohtani, who can masterfully fill two voids at once, it also seems a little less steep.

After yet another outstanding start on Thursday night, Ohtani was questioned about the prospect of a trade, even though nothing is even relatively close.

His canned response, “I’m with the Angels right now,” neatly sums up the entire conversation; this isn’t over.

So, regardless of whether Ohtani is now available or not, do the New York Yankees have a shot to sign him?

They can assemble a bundle that is as robust and comprehensive as anyone else, but they may encounter a particular obstacle.

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