Yellowstone’s official spokesperson Liz Cheney receives Kevin Costner’s support for reelection

We came across something on Twitter late Monday afternoon that drew our attention. Rep. Liz Cheney, who is presently engaged in a contentious reelection campaign to keep her position as the congressional representative for Wyoming, has just received a new supporter.

The lawmaker shared a picture of Kevin Costner, who plays Liz Cheney in the movie Yellowstone, standing in front of a massive-looking ranch.

The Twitter caption? “Real guys prioritise nation over party,” Considering Cheney’s fervent conservatism and, of course, her support for Donald Trump’s first (and second!) impeachments, Costner’s endorsement is certain to generate a response from Yellowstoners on either side of the divide.

In case you’re interested in Costner’s prior political affiliations, he described himself as an independent in a 2020 interview with The Daily Beast.

At the time, Costner stated, “I’m an independent.” “I cast my vote for the candidate I believe will represent the nation and our position in the world the best. If someone is lying to their base or to the entire public, they are only acting in their own self-interest.” The Democratic Party and the Republican Party currently represent nothing, in Costner’s opinion, and neither do they at all, he added.

Prior to Cheney, Pete Buttigieg received Costner’s most vociferous support throughout his 2020 presidential campaign.

So there you have it, whether you like it or not, Costner isn’t afraid to tell his fans what he thinks. In another interview with The Daily Beast, Costner remarked, “What you have to try to lean on is that every four years we get to decide whether we’re moving in the right path or we’re not.” “And now that the country is organised in such a lovely fashion, we have that chance. And it is unlawful for anyone to purposefully obstruct that procedure in order to influence the decision. And 200 years of independence are spit on.”

Source: Twitter post

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